Andrew Polk

Two Worlds

With the Davis Monthan Air Force Base, a few miles south of my home in Tucson, Arizona, our beautiful skies are regularly intruded upon by the flying machines of the military. One moment, the heavens are clear and peaceful, the next, they are screaming of broken sound barriers. This is the dichotomy that underscores most of my work – that we live in two worlds, one of nature and one of industry and that they interweave across such issues as life, death, war, peace, good, bad, right and wrong.

My work reflects a preoccupation with how these worlds are at odds with each other. While contemporary industry seems hell-bent upon destroying the Earth, nature is not without her own vengeful disposition. My work is intended to reflect the energies of natural disasters and their aftermaths, complete with remnants of what might have once been the products of an industrial world.