Andrew Polk

The Middle East in 2004

The Middle East in 2004.
Where past and present converge with savagery.
Where the ancient cradle seethes and burns.
Where religions were born, but now perverted.
Where martyrdom is a privilege.
Where greed and power underlie moral intent.
Where weapons are smart and non-discriminating.
Where smoke is thick, black and omnipresent.
Where the industry is killing and the commodity is hatred.
Where the skies are on fire.
Where religious conviction is fuel.
Where rejuvenation and devastation are hateful brothers.
Where evil empires rule over holy lands.
Where my God weeps and their God rants, even though both gods are one.
Where riches are attained.
Where innocents die.
Where leaders define the legacies.

Like most people, I despair for the situation and I pray for a kind and just resolution. My art comes out of feeling powerless. It is about a cathartic effort to glorify the un-glorious, to find beauty in the space between horrors. It is about the glorification of a Hell on Earth. It is the head of the ostrich. It is Nero fiddling through the burning of Rome. It is about finding poetry in pain. It is finding beauty where there is none.