Andrew Polk

Days are Numbered

Days of numbers
Numbers of Days
Daze of numbers

Numbering, Numbering, Numbering,
The turns in his lifetime are straightening
Slumbering, Slumbering, Slumbering

Numbering, Numbering, Numbering
The tide of his lifetime is slumbering
Stumble-ing, Stumble-ing, Stumble-ing.

Tumble-ing, Tumble-ing, Tumble-ing,
The height of his bravado is humbled.
Humble-ing, Humble-ing, Humble-ing.

More time than money, more money than time
More numbers than titles
You constants are shifting

What is the date of birth
What is the number of your fate
What is the fate of your number

Your daze is numbered, your gaze has slumbered.
Your weight has shifted, the fare has been lifted.