Andrew Polk


Humanity’s primary predator is itself. With our genocidal and individual crimes, we annihilate ourselves each day. God made us cruel for a purpose. If we were all-loving and fair with each other, our species would cease. Without the controlling factor of a natural enemy, we would overpopulate, predominate, and overwhelm our environments. We would lose our defenses and fall victim to other predators.

It is our murderous nature that keep us from destroying ourselves.

We aspire to be righteous. Our religions compel us to hold love, compassion, forgiveness, and charity for our each other. The religious pillars (Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, Moses, et al) are our models of goodness, and their teachings show us paths to righteousness. They taught us to love one another, to do to others as we would have them do to us. Would they want us to war in their names? Maybe, maybe not…. But whatever the case, we do.

Because we are our predators.