Andrew Polk

Missing the Window

I turned sixty in 2010. A few years ago, I presented my work to a gallery that I expected to like my work. The person I spoke to was someone whose writings I had read, and someone whose opinion I appreciated. Although he was courteous and complimentary about my work, he made it clear that my work was not what they were looking for. According to him, my "AbEx Revisited" style was not in sync with their interests.

There was an interesting undertone to how he interacted with me – one that had to do with` my age. I was fifty-four at the time, and significantly older than the artists they were exhibiting, I had the impression that he regarded me as someone who had missed the window – someone who, if had not already gained prominence then, probably never would.

Increaslingly, I find myself facing the fact that I might not become the famous artist I expected to be... but I can't worry about it either.