Andrew Polk

A War For Peace

A war for Peace!
What a concept!
Why do we presume
that the path to peace
is one that starts with war?

It’s no Path!
It’s a labyrinth,
Where the road Comes and goes,
Through Hell and heartbreak,
And Death and Destruction.

Sometimes the path Is clear,
Sometimes it’s not.
We may stray,
But we can’t lose our way,
Because our cause is noble.

Goodness prevails, we say.
And when we prevail.
We can say whatever we want.

In the end?
Is the peace attained one of goodness, or one of might?
For Goodness’ Sake!
For Goodness, of course!
It’s a righteous path.
The evils are necessary.

What matters the cost of a life,
Or a few lives,
Or a few thousand lives?
In the face of eternity?

Evil must be eradicated!
Goodness must prevail!

And the spoils?
These are only by-products,
Certainly not the reasons underlying
Our leaders’ calls to march,
To support our troops,
To support our military,
To fund the machine.

2008 (lyrics to the song)