The Oklahoma Series
City Arts Center, Oklahoma City, OK
March - April 2010


A few years ago, I found that working with aerial photographs was like looking at things from the heavens, both, literally and metaphorically. From a distance, things are much different. The farther away one gets, the less personal things become, and the easier it becomes to appreciate what might not be apparent otherwise.

With this series, I wanted to present Oklahoma City as seen from the distant perspective, and to do so through lenses of mystery, sentiment, curiosity, and discovery. I wanted to re-contextualizing the way one might look at the city: its design, but also its history, industry, and climate.The strategy was to combine aerial views of the city's roads, bridges, buildings, waterways, and neighborhoods with expressionistic painting techniques,

As one learns about Oklahoma, it is interesting to note how much of its past and present are inextricably connected to the land: who owns it, how it came to be owned, what is on and under it, and how it has been shaped over time. Oklahoma City from above is a fascinating city. The views depicted in the works of this exhibition are not purely geographic. The are also about the poetry of the land, the sounds of the elements, the drama of the history, the challenges of its peoples, and hopefully what they inspire in the imagination.