Lithographs 2007-2010

This image was produced for the "Assorted Mythologies" portfolio. The concept of the “Cosmic Egg” is at the core of the creation myth for many cultures. According to this myth, at the beginning of time, unfathomable forces were confined inside a huge egg. The egg was broken and the powers that were unleashed set in motion the events marking the world’s beginnings.

In 1946, the United States began conducting atomic bomb tests in the Bikini Islands. Several of these photographs were taken from directly over the blasts. Fascinated with the near perfect axial symmetry of the explosions, and simultaneously intrigued with the interwoven connections between beginnings and ends, I used the theme of this portfolio to look at the irony-laden parallels between the atomic bomb and the birth of the universe.

1st run:dry litho (blend: orange/blue)
2nd run: photolitho plate
      (blend: dark orange/dark blue)
3rd run: polyester plate (white)
4th run: polyester plate (blue)
5th - 6th runs: stone reduction
      (red then black reduction)



Cosmic Egg (2009), Lithograph, 7.5" x 9"